"Everyday: let it all hang out; speak your truth, let the tears fall down to the ground..." ("Everyday" - Alone)
After a long wait (Silver City style) to pull together here at home what I've been doing across the West, I've finally managed to gather the musicians from my latest recording, Wild Drop.  We'll be putting on a summer house concert to share and celebrate the music from this new album that has been so well-received in my travels in Arizona, California, Utah, and NM.  Glenn and Elise have so graciously opened up their home to host this musical event.
So here it is! 
the Silver City Wild Drop CD Release Concert

Sunday, July 13th at 6:00pm, 1405 W. Kelly St in Silver City. 

suggested donation: $7 - 10   call (575)519-9232 for more details

       Andrew Dahl-Bredine is a singer-songwriter and musician from Silver City, New Mexico. He makes his living performing, teaching, writing songs, working with kids through music and nature, and living and rediscovering a life closely intertwined with the wild natural world. Check out the music!

“An Evening with Andrew is one of the most enjoyable concerts we have presented since our Center’s opening.  The concert was like a breath of fresh air or a cool drink of spring water, it transported us so delightfully from our everyday lives.  Our audience was drawn in not only by Andrew’s uncanny and wide variety of musical abilities,  his original and superior songwriting, his fluidity in  several languages, but mainly his honest connection and rapport with everyone in the room.   Everyone  -young and old -hung on his every breath the length of the 2 hour performance. We are certain to invite Andrew Dahl-Bredine back every season to the Center for the Arts.”  -  Laura Moore, Executive Director, Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts
    Through his recordings and performances, and his everyday work with kids, music, and the natural world, Andrew seeks to uncover and express what it is to be a human being; to heal, to communicate truthfully, to feel joy and sadness, to be together and alone, and to explore what it might mean to live in balance.

"There's something so foreign, so exotic and unusual in his sound, and in his lyrics; yet somehow he leaves the audience feeling so at home, so comfortable, so close..." - Nena Garcia, Acoustic Review

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