Spring into Summer, always changing, always circling

"When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego,
     And when we escape turning like squirrels in the cages of our personalities,
And get into the forests again,
     We shall shiver with cold and fright.…

Budding Moon Update

Spring is officially here, and it feels so good!  Our last Full-Moon Community Dance was wonderful...more-and-more becoming what I envisioned when we started.  The extra energy brought by the big group of teenagers from Aldo Leopold was such a nice…

Cold Moon Update

 Brrrr...this moon started out with some of the coldest nights anyone around here can remember.  All kinds of problems with water pipes, gas heating, electricity, etc., reminding us of how fragile this whole infrastructure really may be.  That's still not…

Toward the Circle Way

Hello.......and the moon is climbing high and toward fullness.  What a beautiful week it has been in the area.  Much warmer and sunny, with snow still on the ground in the canyons, ravines, and north faces.  We are slow getting…

Living Well, not Living Better: A Bolivian Viewpoint

My father, Phil Dahl-Bredine, who works with indigenous people of the Mixteca Alta in rural Oaxaca, Mexico, recently sent me this article written and distributed by the Bolivian Delegation at the UN in April 2010.  What a well-put article, speaking…

A Heavenly Day for Basketmaking

Maybe the most beautiful day of the fall saw us gathered on our front lawn making yucca baskets with the few folks who showed up for the Basketmaking Workshop.  What a lovely time, and a feeling that nothing could be…

Halloween Plant Walk a success!

Well, we avoided runners with the All Souls Trail Race, averted confusion with the bat-house builders, and made our way through the parade preparations down to the beautiful San Vicente Creek Trail at the south end of Silver City, and…

October 25th update: No firemakers and many dancers!

What a beautiful weekend it was, with the cold winds out of the West bringing us the new season.  Our highly anticipated Firemaking workshop with Doug and I was suprisingly attended by zero people...until our families showed up, and we…