October 25th update: No firemakers and many dancers!

What a beautiful weekend it was, with the cold winds out of the West bringing us the new season.  Our highly anticipated Firemaking workshop with Doug and I was suprisingly attended by zero people...until our families showed up, and we all laid around and played with the kids and drilled up a fire.  We were baffled at the fact that no-one at all signed-up.  We'd love some imput on this one: did the cost of the workshop scare people off?  Did the word not get out well enough?  Too many events going on this weekend?  Any ideas or feedback would be welcome. 
  The full-moon drumming event, on the other hand, was wonderfully attended, and was super rewarding and enjoyable for me and seemingly for everyone there.  The rhythms came out sweetly, all the drummers performing really well, and people were really dancing up the Big Ditch!  The Yankadi squaredance was especially fun and entertaining, where the Silver City folks really translated this traditional West African courting dance into something to behold!  And Lexa's Moribayassa ritual dance to help move us all past little Grace's difficult burns on her feet was a powerful one.  We look forward to continuing every month on the weekend closest to the full moon.  Next month's should be on the 21st of November.  I'll post it when the time, place, etc, are all for sure.  Let us know if you think we should do it at the same place, or a new one. 
     Thanks to everyone who came out, all the drummers, all the families, the drum students, the dancers, the birds, the wind.....  and a special thanks to my elder Andrew Fiedler who actually birthed the idea of this kind of regular drumming event.  Wopila.  Looking foward to Doug's Plant Walk this weekend on the San Vicente Creek trail.  Lots of stuff going on this weekend...come on out and meet more of our plant relatives before it gets cold and many of them disappear!