Living Well, not Living Better: A Bolivian Viewpoint

My father, Phil Dahl-Bredine, who works with indigenous people of the Mixteca Alta in rural Oaxaca, Mexico, recently sent me this article written and distributed by the Bolivian Delegation at the UN in April 2010.  What a well-put article, speaking of the idea that is gaining strength in Latin America of a return to "the good life," or a life of "living well," which stands in stark contrast to our western idea of "living better."  This Latin American movement calls for an end of what we know as development, saying that the idea of constant economic or material growth is completely unsustainable and also undesirable on this earth, both for the peoples of the earth, and for our Pachamama, our Mother Earth herself.  You can read the whole article here.  Calling for a rejection even of so-called "alternative energies," as they still are based on a model of increased growth and consumption.  Powering down!  Yay!  My kind of idea  BolivianConcept-of-Living-Well.doc