Toward the Circle Way

Hello.......and the moon is climbing high and toward fullness.  What a beautiful week it has been in the area.  Much warmer and sunny, with snow still on the ground in the canyons, ravines, and north faces.  We are slow getting back in gear after the holidays.  Drumming is back up to pace, with a wonderful new class, and our full moon community dance coming up this Sunday, the 23rd of January.  We are really encouraging dancers to dress up in any kind of costume, and help transform the event into something that can really help people get out of their normal way of being (usually intellect-dominated for most of us) and into a deeper state of presence and communal frequency.  We'll have face paint and some things like that on hand.  We're also hosting a costume-making get-together the day before the dance: saturday any time between 10am and 2pm at our house (1104 W. 7th St. in Silver City).  Bring anything you have and we'll all be putting costumes together, together! 
    On an exiting note, a few of us locals here had an opening meeting the other day to throw out ideas and see who may have interest in ideas of communal living and/or communal business ventures.  The true goal of the Gila Circle Way Project is to help us transition into a living experience of the Circle Way, which means living in a clan/ tribal circle where co-parenting, communal living and support, and heart/truth sharing are core pieces of a more whole expression of human culture and society.  Exactly how, where, and when this might come about is a the hands of the mystery.  But that is the goal.  Any folks interested in knowing more, sharing more, or exploring ideas and possibilities can contact me and get in on our next council circle. 
    New fun stuff with young folks in the area includes a new Brazilian Capoeira elective course with Aldo has been wonderful so far, with the teenagers in the class blowing my mind with their enthusiasm, openness, and strength of character.  And a West-African drumming class with the younger teens of Meadowhawk School.  Our weekly homeschool outdoor adventure group continues to be a source of beauty, fun, and inspiration for myself and the kids in the group.  I give thanks....  Looking forward to seeing folks come out for the drumming/dancing.  
    Expect a plant walk with Doug again in February.  January turned out to be too busy.  Also check out Doug's next weekend workshop in Ajo, Arizona this weekend.  You can contact me for how to find out more about it.  We'll have another skills workshop in February too.  Also a caravan to the wonderful annual primitive skills gathering in Arizona called Wintercount ( the week of Valentine's day.  Let us know if anyone wants to join us for a week of great people, unsurpassed learning opportunities, great music, and village camping.  Respect to all our relatives all around us, near and far.