Cold Moon Update

 Brrrr...this moon started out with some of the coldest nights anyone around here can remember.  All kinds of problems with water pipes, gas heating, electricity, etc., reminding us of how fragile this whole infrastructure really may be.  That's still not the reason to uncover and remember how to live with the Earth though....the reason for that is that's it's so much more beautiful and enjoyable!!!  Who needs electricity!?
  Haha.....ANYway....normal temperatures seem to have returned to the Gila/ Silver City area, and we are all enjoying the sun, and gearing up for our annual trip to Wintercount.
What is Wintercount?  You gotta come on out and find out!  It's an annual primitive skills conference and gathering out in the desert near Maricopa, AZ (an hour or so south of Phoenix).  300 - 500 people come together there to camp out, share Old Way skills, play music at night, and recreate a village atmosphere for a week every February.  This will be the fourth straight year we'll be heading that way, having had wonderful experiences there every year so far.   A very family-friendly, welcoming environment for people from all walks of life who are interested in ancestral skills and living with the Earth.  More information can be found at their official site at   
   For the Circle Way Project, our kids' stuff and our drumming events and classes have been going great.....keeping some of us very busy.  We've had a couple months off now from the skills workshops and one month off from Doug's Plant Walks.  We will schedule a new plant walk with Doug either the last weekend in February or the first one in March, and we'll put together a skills workshop for March as well and get it all back rolling again after a little wintertime inward journeying.  
   Our Full Moon African Squaredances have been plugging right through the winter, still drawing out a good chunk of the community to dance with us every month.  This month's event will be on the 20th of February at 2:30pm at the Big Ditch Park, just below the Silver City Food Co-op.  Come on out and see what you're been's a great time, every time.  
   Enjoy everyone.  We'll also be starting up a new 7-week session for our West African Drumming Class in early March.  Call if you're interested  (575) 519-9232.