Andrew has been writing songs and playing them on guitar, vocals, drums, and many other instruments for over 20 years. In 2011, he won the Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Competition with his songs “Campfire” and “Get Back”, and also won best song in the Tucson Folk Festival “my studio” competition in 2010 with his song “Navigate.”


Types of Performances:

House Concerts
My new favorite format for performing music.  A house concert is played in a regular, real person's backyard or living room, or some other creative home space.  The hosts invite their friends, and I invite my friends and fans in the area.  Then I put on a two-hour concert of mostly original music, throwing in a few songs from Brazil, Africa, and Latin America.  These days I mostly play solo, adding an array of percussive accompaniment played with my feet, including bass drums and hi-hat on some tunes.  I play guitar on most songs, though I also play flute, mbira (an African thumb piano), djembe, banjo, and occasionally something else. I love how intimate these shows are, and how more of the depth of my songs can be shared in this kind of comfortable and distraction-free environment. I also love the feeling of intimacy and community connection that happens in these shows, played on a human scale...often consisting of 25 to 50 people. It ends up being a great way for me to share my music and a wonderful way for hosts to bring their communities together around music and connection.

Library Performances
These all-ages shows inspire me to pull out all my instruments from around the world...berimbau, drums, shakers, mbira, flutes, strings, etc.  Featuring mostly interactive, fun, and participatory music, I introduce kids and adults to music, songs, stories, instruments, and traditions from Brazil, West Africa, Zimbabwe, and South America.  I also play some of my most fun original songs that get the kids laughing, dancing, jumping, and having fun!

Village Drumming, Song, and Dance
Bringing the people together through the ancient call of the drum, I respectfully borrow from West African village traditions, teaching the poly-rhythmic magic that has formed the backbone of these cultures for centuries.  Participants learn the correct techniques for playing the djembe and dundun drums, singing parts, drum parts, and if inclined, dance steps to these wonderful traditional pieces, as well as their cultural significance.  The way that this kind of orchestrated communal drumming brings people together, out of their minds, and back to their hearts is a wonder to behold. 

Andrew and Maria Duo

Brother and sister Andrew Dahl-Bredine and Maria Casler have been performing separately and coinciding occasionally to sing together for over a decade.  Since 2018, they  have been sharing their songwriting and vocal connection through their new duo, mostly in house concerts and intimate listening room settings.  Their performances feature intricate harmonies, heartfelt and award-winning songwriting, sparse and tasteful instrumentation, and inspiring messages for all ages.



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