Signups and What to Expect from Walkabout Programs 

(please read carefully): 

      Our walkabout groups offer a fun and dynamic way for kids and teens to gain outdoor skills and form deeper connections with the natural world. Our programs help them learn many new and old ways to interact with nature while having lots of fun and getting good exercise. 

      We will transport the kids from the assigned meeting place to a local trail (eg: Cherry Creek, Dragonfly Trail, Gomez Peak, etc), where we will hike, explore, play games, often make and tend a fire, learn about local plants and animals, and sometimes do a nature-based craft/skills or shelter-building project. Teen groups will get deeper into ancestral or “primitive” skills and shelter building. Participants must bring a sack lunch and a water bottle in a backpack, and are expected to dress appropriately for the time of year, including warm clothes and multiple layers for winter outings, and sun hat/sunscreen for warmer months. 

     Along the way, they will experience strenuous physical activity, hiking on rough terrain, exposure to heat and cold, getting wet at times, and being away from cell service for many hours at a time. Children will be well cared for by experienced group leaders, with an adult-to-child ratio of at least 1-to-6 at all times. They will likely come home dirty, with occasional scratches, etc. from their adventures in wild country. They will be taught (over time) to use a knife safely and responsibly for the purpose of making crafts, tools, etc. Group participants must agree to follow directions from group leaders and abide by group guidelines and rules.   

      In an effort to provide a unique experience of being present outdoors without the distractions of our usual gadgets, participants will not be allowed to have cell phones/smart watches, etc with them during programming. If they bring one, we will hold it for them until the program is over. We have found that this break from the digital world can be so beneficial for young people (and all of us!). Our staff will have a satellite phone at all times for emergency purposes, as well as first aid equipment. All staff are trained and certified in First Aid/ CPR, and have over 15 years of experience in the areas we will be frequenting. 

       If you and your child agree to the above and want to participate, please fill out and submit the enrollment/ medical information form for your child here. Thank you, and we look forward to lots of fun outdoors with your young person!

***  Summer Camp is now full for 2024!!  ***